The county love collection, under the Jo Cee Apparel Brand, is the next great homage for the people of Ohio to show your pride from where you were born, raised, or reside. The collection concept is a focus on the counties of Ohio with a special nod to Ohio history by showcasing the respected county number associated with each county.

The History of the county coding system:

Starting in 1935 a county coding scheme involving the letters in the plate's serial number was introduced. This scheme was used throughout the state until the 1970s, when the system broke down in the most populous counties because of the number of vehicles registered in them. The coding scheme was abandoned with the issuance of the 1980 plates, and long county stickers mounted at the base of the plates were introduced in 1983. Beginning with new specialty plates in 1992 and all new plates in October 2001 the state adopted a county coding scheme on a sticker that displays the county number based on its placement in alphabetical order.